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...Kerry A. continued

Information on diet and nutrition can be confusing and contradictory.  Julene promotes research-backed guidelines and suggestions, with a very open mindset.  Julene is great at “walking with you” through your own journey of personal nutritional discovery and letting you come to your own conclusions – the best way to learn.  She is very practical in her approach.  She had me keep a daily journal of what I ate and how I felt afterwards.  We reviewed and discussed it together.  This exercise was a real a-ha moment for me in two areas: (1)  for the first time I began to see the impact the foods I consumed had on my energy level, and  (2) instead of focusing on what to remove from my diet, Julene offered recommendations of what I could add to my diet.  I had always thought of nutrition in terms of what one must eliminate from one’s diet, which is so limiting and had always been an obstacle to my making real changes.  I don’t know how to describe what a transformational shift that has been for me.  If that had been my only take-away from working with Julene, it would have been worth it because it has represented the most significant change that I have made.  This shift in my thinking has enabled me to take the knowledge and resources Julene provided and learn to make great decisions of my own.   I feel better and have a higher level of energy than I have for years.

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...Desiree V. continued

After working with Julene, I have been able to incorporate foods that I have missed, have maintained an overall state of well-being, and have been able to incorporate foods and systems that will benefit me in the long-run.

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...Amanda A. continued

It was clear she does lots of these presentations because she was thorough and extremely knowledgeable. We will be inviting her back for our Health Fair! She is amazing, very personable and I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is interested.

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...M.S. continued

The doctors wanted to move to try some serious medications (all of which had serious side effects), which didn't feel right given there was no clear diagnosis. I was desperate and a friend recommended Julene and Montgomery Nutrition. Julene was incredibly comprehensive and thorough in her analysis of me, and within weeks of seeing her, I was feeling better. She was the only professional who took a holistic view of my health and lifestyle. She has a lovely style and demeanor and is very approachable. Her approach is very balanced and pragmatic and she really cares (which was not the case with the other doctors who seemed to care more about check off boxes). If something requires medical treatment, she will refer and she is very up to speed on the latest research. As importantly, she always makes herself available for questions or advice and always responds immediately with great insight and help. With Julene, I truly feel like I have a partner who is invested in my health and well-being.

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...K.R. continued

I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the different ingredients, vitamins and supplements and what works with what, but Julene is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously.  I wish I had gone to see her much sooner. She has been a complete life saver!

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