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I'm trying to scale my business with the introduction of an online course. So while I can sell my private one-on-one coaching through introductory phone calls, I want people to purchase my course directly off my website-- so potential customers look for Google reviews to help them decide.

If you could kindly leave me a Google review HERE, I would greatly appreciate it! If you don't have a Gmail account (and don't want one), see below for easy instructions on how to leave a review with your existing email address.

Things to say that would be helpful:

***That you took my course and found it to be wonderful, helpful, etc 😄. (Note that I have a freebie course and a paid course. See how to sign up for my freebie course below. Mentioning "course" in a review will have a halo effect on my paid course)***

-That I'm an expert in metabolic health and blood sugar management

-That you've worked with me in some way and enjoyed/learned/benefitted from me

-That my holistic approach covers ALL the drivers of prediabetes, resulting in better overall health and not just eliminating symptoms.

Reviews DON'T need to be long. In fact, I think they look more credible if they're short and sweet.

If you're struggling with what to say, you can get to know my work here:
-Take my free 5-day email course here 
-Subscribe to my newsletter here
-Read my blog articles here
-Follow and/or read my Instagram posts here

Again, the link where you can leave a Google review is HERE.

How to easily leave a review when you don't have a Gmail account:
1) First type in Montgomery Nutrition in the search box on your browser.
2) On the right hand side where it has the business listing for Montgomery Nutrition (You'll know you're in the right place because there's a photo of me), scroll down to where it says Reviews and click on the "Write a Review" button
3) Click “Sign In”
4) Click “Create Account”
5) Click “For Myself” in the drop down menu
6) Click “Use my current email address instead” in blue
7) Enter your details and click “next”
8) Enter the verification code sent to your email address and complete the rest of the setup instructions
9) Complete your Google Review and “Post”

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out!

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