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1:1 Private Coaching 


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You've tried adjusting your diet
You've been exercising
You've followed your doctor's instructions

Struggling to manage your blood sugar? 

But managing your blood sugar is still an uphill battle,

and you're worried you're going to develop type 2 diabetes

You need a plan 

 personalized to you

With Private Coaching, You Can:

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Reduce Stress

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Lower Inflammation

Achieve Weight Loss Goals

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Improve Mood & Focus

Increase Energy & Stamina


My Private Program Includes:

Blood Sugar Reset

90-Minute Intensive Jump Start

We'll create a comprehensive plan and layout the exact steps you need to take control of your health.

2 Private Coaching Calls Every Month

Together we'll refine the tactics and troubleshoot any challenges you have so that your health improves quickly over a three month period.

Extra Support Via Email

You're not alone between meetings. If you have questions or require more support, I'm there for you.

Online Journal and Goal Tracking

You can change what you can see. My interactive online journal helps you identify problem areas, and you'll know exactly how you're progressing against established goals.

Holistic Health Review

Effective blood sugar management requires insight into all the areas that affect your health, including sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Delicious Customized Weekly Meal Plans

Optimizing your blood sugar doesn't mean sacrificing the pleasure of eating. I use EatLove personalized meal plans to provide tasty meals that meet your individual objectives and preferences.

Personalized Nutrient Analysis

Vitamins and minerals are critical to your success in reversing prediabetes. I conduct a thorough analysis of your nutrient intake and then guide you to the foods to meet any shortfalls.
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Fasting blood glucose is 87. Binge eating gone. My mood is stable.

I never have experienced anything like this with a health care professional.

Julene promotes researched-backed guidelines and suggestions.

She is THERE FOR YOU. If I had a question or concern, she was THERE.

 Her approach is very balanced and pragmatic and she really cares.

She was the only professional who took a holistic view of my health and lifestyle.  

She made me feel like my health mattered to her which helped me acknowledge how much my health mattered to me.

I don't know how to describe what a transformational shift it has been

for me.

She checked on me all the time and gave me encouragement.

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