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Before the first meeting, you’ll be required to keep a three-day food journal that records all your food and beverages. You’ll also be required to fill out an online health questionnaire that gathers your health history and specific concerns.

Flexibility.  Julene can hold meetings by telephone or video conference.  The new client consultation is the intake and lasts one hour.  It's required for new clients.  Follow-up meetings are tailored to your needs and available in 30-minute or 60-minute time slots.

Progress At Your Own Pace.  You’ll receive recommendations in a way that works best for you.  Typically Julene uses a phased approach to create lasting health improvement.  Initially you’ll begin making changes to specific meals and then progress to other meals.  Some clients prefer to move quickly while others require a slower approach.  Julene will set the pace according to your preference.

Personalized to Your Needs.  Recommendations will address your specific complaints, and they often include modifications to diet and lifestyle.  Julene will create a plan that includes all variables.  For example, you may require specific foods to be included and others to be excluded to address an inflamed digestive system.  In addition, you may require specific steps to improve digestion.  Your plan will meet your individual needs.

Supplements Only if Needed.  Improving your health always begins with food.  However, at times there may be severe deficiencies or other conditions that warrant an aggressive approach that includes supplementation.  Julene will recommend specific supplements and provide an integrative plan along with dietary changes.  

Lab Testing.  On occasion, lab testing can be very important in supplying data that isn’t provided through questionnaires or interviews.  Julene will communicate any recommendations on suggested labs as well as how to obtain them. 

Ongoing Support.  Julene uses a practice management software called Practice Better to provide the best coaching support to her clients.  You'll have your own client portal through which you can communicate with Julene and receive support through text, phone, or video conferencing.  You'll also have access to online journaling, lifestyle tracking, a food database, supplement database, and supporting documentation for any recommended protocols.  All information is in one place and is in accordance with HIPAA standards.  


Free Discovery Call:  Julene offers a free 15 minute discovery call to determine if you'd like to move forward.

New Client Consultation:  $175 

Follow-up Consultations:  $95 per hour/$50 per half hour

 You can schedule your first session on the Schedule page.
Montgomery Nutrition Services
Montgomery Nutrition provides individual nutrition consultations.  Using a functional and holistic approach, Julene will work with you to understand your unique nutritional needs in detail and then will provide a comprehensive set of recommendations. 

If you're unsure of moving forward, Julene offers a free 15-minute discovery call to help you decide.    
If you choose to work with Julene, here’s what you can expect: