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Typical Client Scenarios
Carole, a 31 year-old female, originally came to Montgomery Nutrition to learn how to eat more healthy foods. She had been a vegetarian for over two years and had also quit smoking a year prior. Over the course of several sessions Carole began to also reveal her concerns about her low energy and the extra twenty pounds she had recently gained. After analyzing Carole’s current diet and health history, Julene made a number of recommendations that included micronutrient testing and specific changes to Carole’s diet. Julene guided Carole on how to choose vegetarian foods that would nourish her as opposed to just feed her. Lab testing identified specific nutrients that were low in Carole’s current diet, and Julene designed a meal plan that included essential foods. She also coached her on eating habits surrounding exercise and sleep cycles that help to balance metabolism. In addition, Julene recognized Carole’s family history of thyroid conditions and referred her to a doctor that subsequently diagnosed her with hypothyroidism.  

Tom, a 28 year-old male and distance runner, contacted Montgomery Nutrition because he had recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. He was frustrated because after six months of doctors and lab tests, he felt that he had an explanation but no understanding of what he could safely eat. He also still felt very sick despite avoiding gluten. Julene immediately recommended food allergy testing, which revealed five additional allergic foods. She then designed a plan for gastrointestinal healing that included specific strains of probiotics, supplemental nutrients, and a detailed food plan. As Tom began to feel better, Julene further supported Tom’s needs as an athlete with specific recommendations to increase energy and maintain healthy nutrient status.  

Leslie, a 42 year-old female, began seeing Julene because of her struggle with fatigue. She was overweight, lacked energy, and had difficulty sleeping more than five hours a night. After listening to Leslie’s explanation of her complaints, it became clear that trouble began a year prior when Leslie had an emergency appendectomy that was quickly followed by losing her job. Cortisol testing indicated Leslie’s adrenals were not functioning at optimal levels. Leslie was suffering from adrenal fatigue, and Julene coached her on specific solutions for this condition that included lifestyle changes, a specified diet, and vital supplements. 

Julene has been my personal nutritionist for the past several months. As a busy mom of three I found it hard to stay focused and to eat right. She is a great listener and really dove into my eating habits and was able to come up with a realistic plan for me and my family. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Julene's perfect combination of training, education, individualized programs and achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.

-Alyse T.
Julene takes a holistic approach to health, encouraging her clients to consider not just the impact of what one eats, but also things such as physical activity, hydration and stress. She is warm, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. Information on diet and nutrition can be confusing and contradictory. Julene promotes research-backed guidelines and suggestions, with a very open mindset. She’s great at “walking with you” through your own journey of personal nutritional discovery and letting you come to your own conclusions – the best way to learn. More than a year later, there are moments when I am enjoying a healthy, delicious meal or snack and think with gratitude of the impact of Julene’s influence. I feel better and have a higher level of energy than I have for years. Wherever you are on your journey in this area, she will meet you where you are and move you forward.

-Kerry A.